GWhiz’s mobile showroom’s first day at Offtech New England

The Graphic Whizard mobile showroom arrived safely in Maine on Monday afternoon. Steve and I followed yesterday. The drive from Burlington Ontario to Portland Maine was gorgeous. The trees are starting to turn, the weather was fabulous and it promised to be a good day for the first day of the Open House. Have to say we were pretty happy to arrive in Maine and be welcomed by this sign! Love the fact that Maine is open for business..that was good news. 🙂IMG_5382 Late Tuesday afternoon the showroom was ready to welcome its first visitors. We celebrated Open House eve on Tuesday night by heading to J’s Oyster – it was an awesome night. Will, Dick and Glen of Offtech, Kihm (Standard) and Frank (Spiel), Chris, Jeff, Steve and I (Liz) feasted on oysters, lobster, scallops, lobster stew and other delish items. Wednesday was sunny, clear blue skies and hot. We had to put the AC on in the trailer. Offtech had a tent set up outside for sausages, lobster, beverages, inside the building Offtech had multiple rooms set up for their vendors and kick off was an exuberant event hosted by Dick Page who danced with everyone present, a tradition. Offtech’s customers started arriving just after Dick’s welcome address and it was a steady flow for the remainder of the day. Many of those who showed up to check out the showroom’s debut already had Graphic Whizard equipment and were interested to see what was new. Wow cool was a comment heard frequently when attendees were introduced to the PT SCC, slitter/cutter/creaser and as we heard at Print 2013 recently, people are welcoming the colour transition of the CreaseMaster series to grey. Tomorrow promises to be just as busy. Will Vercoe, Dick Page, Steve Ranco and the rest of the Offtech crew are a fantastic group. Their appreciation of their customers, warm hospitality, well-organized space for their vendors, hard work and elbow grease paid off. It was terrific to see them in action. After the Oktoberfest closes at 3 p.m Thursday the GWhiz mobile will be on its way to Spiel Associates in New York…stay tuned for further adventures. See attached pages for images of the trailer prior to machines, as machines were being installed and post installation, as well as trip memories.


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